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BYE 2015. HELLO 2016.

For the year ends here,
I smile and bid a goodbye to 2015.
The year which taught me not to trust someone blindly,
showed me who my real friends are,
helped me discover the world,
and made me strong enough to face the outer world alone.
Started a new life,
Said goodbye to the one I loved,
Broken and recovered on my own,
I stand here,
with this smiling face of mine. 
New friends made way into my life,
making it a better place for me,
and making me smile all the time.
To the days spent in sadness,
I can’t reverse and make them the happy days of my life,
neither can I re-live those happy moments,
when I wanted my life to pause for a while;
nor can I go back to the nights I cried,
and stop those tears from falling down.
Everything has gone,
everything coming my way will be new.
The lessons I learnt will be with me always,
new ones await my way.
With every end comes a new beginning,
So with a smile I bid goodbye to 2015,
and with a happy heart I welcome 2016.

Image source- Favim.

I end my year with this post. Short and simple. 

A Very Happy New Year to each one of you.
 ♥Goodbye 2015. Hello 2016. ♥


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