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May had already started and the sun was showing his hotness to everyone. Everyone was busy in their life and had a very hectic schedule. My college vacation had started and so I was back to home. It was the second week of May and mother’s day was coming. For me, I never really needed any particular day to celebrate it as mother’s day because each and every day was her day. But I decided to make that one day a special one for her. I planned a surprise for her.
On the afternoon of 9th may, I called up my best friend, Srishti and said, “see, you need to help me out in planning a surprise for mummy.”
“What am I getting in return to do this?” she replied.
I said, “Shut up idiot!” and we both laughed. I continued, “See the plan is going to be like, you’ll call her up and tell that you want to go out with me and do some shopping. Even mummy will go for some grocery shopping tomorrow. So we’ll go to the market and buy the necessary things we need and we’ll come back home while she’ll still be in the market. I have another duplicate key and we can use that and get inside. We’ll then decorate the house and keep everything ready and surprise her when she’s home. Done?”
“You and your awesome plans, you rock Anny.” She replied and agreed to help me out.
I made a list of things that I needed to buy for mummy and while I was doing so, mummy got a call on the land phone and it was from Srishti. As the phone was on loudspeaker, I could hear their conversation.
“Namaste aunty.” said Srishti.
Mummy replied, “God bless you beta. How are you?”
Srishti said, “I’m fine aunty. How are you?”
“I’m also good beta.” Mummy replied.
“Aunty, actually I wanted to go out with Anny tomorrow afternoon for shopping. So if you allow Anny, then I would love it.” Srishti said in a nervous tone.
Mummy laughed and replied, “Of course you both can go out and enjoy.”
And then Srishti ended the call saying a thank you to mummy.
I got a text on WhatsApp from her telling, “Step 1, successful.”
“Love you babe” I replied and we kept on chatting.

Finally the day was here, 10th May. Every news channel or any other channel flashing mother’s day special programmes and I ignored it. As I wanted to surprise her, I didn’t even wish her. I was feeling bad but I knew, after seeing the surprise, mummy would be really very happy.

At 2 in the afternoon, I got a call from Srishti.
“Come out, I’m waiting.” She said and I replied, “Okay, I’m coming.”

“Mummy, Srishti is here. I’m leaving. Ok?” I said to mummy.
She replied, “Yes beta, go. Even I’m going for some grocery shopping. If you both come before me, use the duplicate key you have.”
“Okay mummy. Bye and love you.” I said and left.

We went to the mall and I took the things that were on the list that I made. It included-
Some of her favorite flowers, scented candles, rose water, some rose flowers and most importantly, the new Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil.
All these things were to be used to de-stress her and let her relax. As soon as we had all the things, we went back home and decorated the house. I brought a water tub from the store house and poured the rose water in that tub. Scattered the rose petals over it and kept it near the sofa.
Srishti then got an urgent call and she left. I thanked her for helping me and in return I got a kick from her.
I arranged the candle and lighted them, kept the bouquet of her favorite flowers in the vase.
Soon the drawing room was scented and it was looking awesome. As soon as the doorbell rang, I turned off the lights and went behind the sofa.
Mummy used the keys and she opened the door and as soon as she entered, she had a shocked expression on her face. Before she could figure out anything, I jumped and came out from the place I was hiding and shouted,
She had tears in her eyes and she said, “I thought you forgot about it. I love you so much beta.”
“I didn’t wish you in the morning because I wanted to give you this surprise. Now come in and sit on the sofa.” I said and took her there.
She sat on the sofa, dipped her leg in the cold rose water tub and then I gave her a relaxing hair massage using the Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil.
She was so relaxed now. This was what she needed, not only her, every mom needs this. We children give her the stress, she is tensed and then she may even fall sick. At some point of time, we must do something to de-stress her and this was my way to de-stress my mother and let her relax. I could have planned some sort of a dinner party for her, but that would not have been that relaxing the way this plan of mine came out to be. Working the whole day, seeing to everyone’s needs and what not, a mother is stressed always. A small step taken by us to de-stress her can make her happy.
She then kissed my hands and I hugged her.
“Thank you for this beta.” She said.
I replied, “You deserve this mummy. You deserve even more. I love you.”
And then we sat there and had the mummy-daughter talks and enjoyed every moment.

I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.


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