“I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.” Said “Mother Teresa”. Well don’t you feel or think the same? Now you would be thinking why I am asking you without even telling what I feel or what are my opinions. So now when it is my turn, I feel that the words by “Mother Teresa” are like, totally right. I do feel angry when I see people throwing away things which are waste according to them but it can be used in some way of the other.
You can call me creative because whenever I see some waste material, I feel like something can be created out of this. And now if you call me a mad girl, you surely can. Everyone should be like this and then someday for sure our Earth, our planet will be all green with greenery all around.
Now you must be thinking what can you do to spread greenery all over, right? Well the steps are so very simple and easy. To be honest, there are very easy and simple, all you need is determination to do it.

Your very first step should be ignoring car rides. Cars give away a lot of pollution in form of smoke. It adds to the greenhouse effect and that leads to several other problems. So take your first step by riding a bicycle or simply walking to short distances.

Now the second step should be with the kitchen work. Well in kitchen there are a lot of thing which according to you is considered as waste but it is not. For example the vegetable peels, why just throw it away? You can make you very own organic manure by burying them into the garden soil and wait for some days. And there you are with your very own organic manure. Not just this, you can even use these peels to feed the cattle and the cows.
One more thing here can be using the leftovers. Start loving your leftover as wonders can be done with it.

Well the most important point. Say no to plastic bags, please. They are non-biodegradable and they harm our environment. Carry your own hand-made bags or paper bags or jute bags to the market when you go for shopping. This simple and easy step taken by you can surely make a big difference.

Be eco-friendly, choose wisely. Keep about your environment in your mind and thing will be easier to do. A small step taken by you can help spreading greenery all around. Nature is a gift to us, let’s learn to respect it and help it be green, always.
These steps are simple and easy, try following them and then you’ll proudly say, “Yes I did something for the environment.”

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